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S.E.S. Bowling - excellent technology for recreational bowling (open bowlers)

Technology for new facilities, retrofitting and renovation.

Today more than ever, bowling belongs to the recreational activities. The so-called open bowlers, that is any recreational bowler, children's birthdays, house-league players, companies and clubs are the paying customers in the recreational bowling industry. Therefore we have geared our technology specifically to these bowling players.

Why a commercial future?

There is some need for explanation for the operator without technical experience and the novice in the bowling industry.
The technology of bowling facilities basically differentiates between a pinsetter without a rope and a pinsetter with rope technology. This difference is obvious to any non-professional. It is a well-known fact that the setting technology without a rope is more expensive upon acquisition but the major difference are the maintenance costs, composed of energy, maintenance and service costs (please find further information here).
The question is, then, what is the advantage of this type of facility? It may not be entirely correct to talk of an advantage. As the operator of a facility I have to ask myself what customers I wish to attract to my facility.

Is it the open bowler described above or the bowler who is a league player (sports bowler)?

If you wish to attract open bowlers, we are your partner.
If you wish to attract sports bowlers, we are the wrong partner for you.

For us, rope technology has been at the forefront of our work for years and we are the top-specialists in this area. Many suppliers on the bowling market have recognized the growing demand for this technology and have been trying for years to establish rope technology as another mainstay.

We are at home in rope technology only and our motto is:

Only sell items that you are specialised in

Please contact us - we can answer any questions you may have in the areas of bowling and rope technology in detail.