Who is BowlingBau.com?

S.E.S. develops, branch produces and expels high-quality machines for the skittle-alley and bowling alley. The enterprise was founded in 1998 by Erwin Kiewning in Stockach. Confessed under the trade name S.E.S. the machines enjoy worldwide a good call. We produce in Stockach with parts from Germany, Pinsetter with rope technology in the highest quality.

D&K electronics is active for nearly 30 years in the area Scoring, for this reason, we have some years ago together the S.E.S. Scoring system develops, also these systems become exclusive in our houses produced.

Active Bowling produces and expels, for over 20 years as a family enterprise, high-quality bowling construction components, like road layers, Gutter, Bumper, Pins, balls and shoes. Besides, they are exact as long as in the railway construction with Without rope and rope arrangements active.

ME Design is an enterprise itself an the media technology (Effekt-Beleuchtungen) and interior arrangements of bowling centre has specified. By individual equipment one gives to his bowling arrangement an individual mark, far away from the dreary unity draught.