Calculation of profitability for a facility
with 4 bowling lanes including catering

1. Usually, bowling lanes are booked daily between 7:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight. You may thus
base your calculations on a 5-hour-occupancy per day.

2. The price per lane and hour is EUR 12.50 on average. This results in the following
forecast calculation of earnings possibilities for 4 new bowling lanes:

5 playing hours per lane x EUR 12.50 EUR 62.50
4 bowling lanes at EUR 62.50 equals EUR 250.00
per day
Rental income on 336 days per year
equals 12 months * days
EUR 84,000.00

3. Based on experience, sales from food and drinks are between EUR 6.00 and EUR 9.00 per
person per evening.

Mean calculation value is thus EUR 7.50
per person per evening
4 clubs with 10 persons x EUR 7.50 EUR 300.00
per evening
Consumption sales on 336 days per year EUR 100,800.00

4. Costs of the bowling facility:

Energy consumption of 4 bowling lanes
5 kW x 336 days at EUR 0.16/kW
EUR 1,075.00
Heating costs per annum, approx. EUR 1,800.00
Maintenance costs per annum, approx. EUR 600.00
Cleaning costs
2 hours daily x 336 days
EUR 5,040.00
(EUR 7.50/hour)
Reserves for repairs etc.
(per lane / month EUR 64.00)
EUR 3,000.00
Subtotal - costs per annum EUR 11,515.00
Personnel costs approx. EUR 30,000.00
Expected costs per annum EUR 41,515.00

5. Summary:

Bowling lane - income from games EUR 84,000.00
Gross profit from consumption sales EUR 108,800.00, approx. 45 % equals EUR 45,350.00
Subtotal EUR 129,350.00
less costs per annum EUR -41,515.00
Pre tax gross profit from the bowling lanes EUR 87,335.00

Interest payment for bank loans as well as write-off on the bowling facility are tax-deductible for 10 to 15 years. We would like to point out that we only assumed an occupancy rate of 50 % which makes for a very realistic calculation.

The occupancy rates of bowling facilities may of course vary from region to region. An occupancy rate between approx. 60 to 70 % may be reached in rather populated regions. In larger cities or city areas it may be as high as 80 to 90 %.

The rates are based on experience from the last 3 to 4 years.

Hourly rates vary as well and range from EUR 12.50 to 20.00 per lane and hour, in line with demand. The foregoing calculation assumes the lowest rates, also with reference to the sale of food and drinks. As an added safety, the cost side has been set high.

Rope machines - the economic future

Operate your facility without technical personnel and minimum expenditure for material and
maintenance costs. A cost-side comparison, taking a bowling facility of 10 years as an example:

Type of monthly costs Rope system Ropeless system
service carried out by contracted company
EUR 480.00 EUR 3,100.00
Spare parts and wearing parts EUR 80.00 EUR 1,250.00
Energy consumption with an occupancy rate of
an average of 44 hours / week
EUR 75.00 EUR 375.00
During ongoing game operation,
a so called stop-man is required
who stays in the machine room and
clears machine stops: 176 hours / month
- EUR 1,400.00
Maintenance costs technical personnel
1 x stop-man
1 x service technician
- EUR 1,000.00
monthly balance EUR -6,490.00  

Since deviations from these average values may result from assignment, occupancy rate, location and other individual factors the calculations on this page must be taken as examples based on our long-term experience; they are not binding. This paragraph is missing in our catalogues.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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